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February 4, 2023

Want to achieve the “I woke up like this” look? A day at the spa is ideal, but who has the time or funds to enjoy that on the daily? (But wouldn’t it be nice if we did?) We want quick and simple tricks to do at home so we can look our best every day. Why not let the magic work while you sleep? The bedtime skincare routine is extensive enough as it is, so let’s keep it short and sweet. Add these DIY beauty busters to your evening skincare routine to wake up beautified and ready to tackle the day.

Pillow Talk

Ditch a cotton pillowcase and opt for a silk or satin one instead. Cotton can cause wrinkles in the skin, but satin or silk lessens the pressure that can help prevent wrinkles and even hair breakage. This material doesn’t pull at the hair or skin while you dream. Because it doesn’t mess your hair, you can wake up looking fabulous. Upgrading to a silk pillow case creates a luxurious feel that pampers you while you sleep, and you can honestly say you woke up like this.

Magical Hand Makeover

Our hands do so much for us, (practically everything) yet we neglect them and take them for granted. Hands (and eyes) give away age, and unfortunately, are quite susceptible to environmental damage and wrinkles. It’s important to take care of our hands and preserve them because they get us through the day. Just before bed, wash your hands with an exfoliating scrub (Eminence kills it in this department.) Dab a bit of jojoba oil on the cuticles and add a bit of Doterra’s lavender oil to your lotion. The oil will strengthen your nails and nail beds, while the lavender will deliver a little extra hydrating, soothing love.

Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment

Jojoba or coconut oil work for this one, so it’s really a matter of preference. Both are fantastic for hair because they’re super hydrating and can revive even the most damaged hair. For the scalp, split ends, or all over maintenance, the oil delivers moisture, which leads to shine, which leads to soft, touchable hair. Warm the oil in the microwave then gently massage it into the scalp and all throughout the hair; really get those ends! Cover the hair in plastic wrap and tuck it all into a shower cap. (Maybe lay a towel down on the pillow to avoid any staining.) It’ll require a thorough rinse in the morning, but your vibrant luscious locks will be well worth it.
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