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February 4, 2023

It’s summer and we live in Southern California, so you’re most likely hanging out in a bathing suit or short shorts often. Why not avoid a misstep and get on the waxing train? Whether it’s a bikini or Brazilian, you can’t go wrong, but it’s important to do your research. From pre to post wax and everything in between, this is the 411 on everything you need to know about getting a Brazilian or bikini wax.

No need to be shy, you’re dealing with a professional! But as a professional courtesy, it’s kind to clean up a bit before your waxing appointment as your esthetician will be all up in your business. Especially if you’re booked for a Brazilian wax, the esthetician will really get in there, really. Sometimes a wet wipe is offered, but otherwise a shower or a quick bathroom clean up is appreciated.

In-Between Maintenance

Appointments are generally scheduled every four weeks, depending on hair growth. Maintenance in between those appointments helps the bare-down-there last longer and prevents ingrowns. Shaving is a no-no, but exfoliating is encouraged. Use a dry glove regularly to prevent ingrown hairs when the hair begins to grow back.

Things to Avoid
Avoid booking an appointment during or just before your time of the month. During this time, this area is much more sensitive and any waxing proves to be a more painful experience. Just after a period tends to be the least painful time of the month. Another trick is to avoid caffeine in the hours leading up to your appointment as this may have negative effects on sensitivity as well.

Post-Wax Care

Wear loose clothing and keep the area clean. No gym or heavy exercise after your wax. Your folicles are open and exposed, ideal for breeding irritation or even infection. Get any sweaty workouts in before your waxing appointment. Other than that, just keep up with that exfoliating and look forward to your next appointment!

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