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February 4, 2023

Detox body wraps are still all the rage! This enduring trend has been made popular by the likes of Victoria Beckham and Gwyneth Paltrow. But why, you ask? Because they work! Whether it’s to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle or simply smooth wrinkled skin, the detox body wrap delivers glowing results.  This treatment is ideal for sweating out toxins, smoothing cellulite, and losing inches. Here’s the skinny on Sanctuary’s detox body wrap treatment.

To start, an esthetician will use dry exfoliating gloves to thoroughly massage the body, neck to toe. This increases circulation and removes the dead skin cells so the detoxifying oils can be more easily absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin. Next, a combination, which includes pine (purifying), lavender (anti-toxic), juniper (diuretic), thyme (antiseptic), mint (activates circulation) and sage (toning) oils will be applied to draw out the toxins and firm the skin. Relaxation sets in while you are wrapped for twenty to thirty minutes. During this time, the heat combined with the healing and detoxifying properties draw out the toxins that reside deep within our cells, into our lymphatic system which allows for elimination through a relaxing sweat. To seal the deal, you will also receive a rejuvenating scalp massage and a warm foot massage.

It’s very important to hydrate after a detox body wrap. In addition to replacing the fluids you sweat out, adequate amounts of water help boost the lymph system and allows it to more efficiently eliminate those toxins that have been released. Sit back, relax, and bask in the glorious benefits! (& Drink lots of water too!)
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