Coffee: Friend or Foe?

Coffee can be a lifesaver, especially during those early mornings or long work days. Many can't imagine going about their day without it. Coffee can be the perfect pick-me-up, but is it doing wonders for your skin? What possibilities are in store if you were to give it up? 

Why are we attacking coffee? Because it's the most popular morning beverage (necessity, rather) and it could be harming your beautiful skin.

For any type of inflammation, acne, or rosacea, a common suggestion from dermatologists and estheticians is to give up the coffee. If you're frustrated with breakouts or issues with dryness, this might be a worthwhile option to explore.

The high acidity of coffee and strong caffeine intake can mess with your hormones, most notably your stress hormone. Because this hormone controls the skin's oil production, it sends mixed signals and often triggers the glands to overcompensate and overproduce oil, which causes breakouts. Coffee is a diuretic, which means it can dehydrate the skin. Dryness can trigger this same overcompensation that inevitably causes congestion on the skin's surface.

When coffee lovers gave up their vice, they report that it made a world of difference in the appearance and texture of their skin. Smaller pores, no dry patches, and less congestion were among them. Because this allowed for their skin to be properly hydrated, some of the fine lines and wrinkles were entirely eliminated. They began to see results in as little as three weeks. 

Going coffee-free can provide noticeable improvements in your skin, and you might be amazed at how well you can function without it. In your pursuit for a better complexion, consider ditching the daily dose of coffee and let yourself be pleasantly surprised by the results.