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February 4, 2023

Like with our wardrobe or hair color, it’s important to adjust our skincare routines according to the changing seasons. Depending on temperature and sun exposure, different products can can be more beneficial during these hotter, more humid months. Here are three radiance-boosting necessities for glowing summer skin.


All day. Every day. Sunscreen is a staple, especially since Southern California is a haven for sunshine year-round. It’s important to cover yourself head to toe to protect yourself during these cloudless, hotter months. In conjunction with the right SkinCeuticals serum, this will be a glow-saver for your complexion. Be sure to apply sunscreen at least fifteen minutes before you head outside, and don’t forget to reapply every two hours.


Slough off the dead and damaged layer to show off your dazzling sun-kissed skin! Exfoliate more often, up to five times a week during this season, to remove excess oils and dead skin that appear as a result of more frequent summer sweating. Use a Clarisonic or a physical exfoliating product as opposed to something chemical, like retinol. Retinol is an ingredient to avoid during summer, because any sun exposure after using this product can cause a sunburn or more serious pigmentation issues.


Lighten up…with the moisturizer and make up, that is. Avoid overwhelming the pores with any heavy, thick lotion that can clog the pores and cause breakouts. A light moisturizer will do just fine this time of year. Utilize those serums and keep make up light and fresh to maximize your natural radiance.  Don’t forget to drink lots of water and eat water-full foods to help keep you hydrated on a cellular level and work miracles for your complexion!
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