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February 4, 2023

Retinol is a girl’s best friend! From acne to anti-aging, retinol has many crazy amazing benefits. Want dramatic improvement in your skin’s appearance? Introduce a retinol product to your nightly regimen asap!

What is this miracle chemical? Retinol is the most active derivative of vitamin A, which aids the body in healthy skin cell production and maintenance. It’s the leading ingredient for topical skin resurfacing. It contains antioxidant properties that defend against free radicals.

Retinol should be applied in the evening so it can work its magic overnight. Evening applications allow for absorption into the deeper layers that stimulate cell production, which increase turnover rate and renew the outer most layer of the skin. This softens the complexion and does away with those pesky wrinkles.

Avoid elongated sun exposure while using a retinoid, as it can cause hyper-pigmentation and other skin damage.

Regular use of a retinol delivers smoother texture and even toned skin. Reduce the signs of aging and restore that youthful glow with a little help from your friend, retinol!

We carry a variety of Retinol creams by SkinCeuticals, Vi, and Epicuren. Ask your esthetician which product is best for you!
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