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February 4, 2023

Get the antioxidant advantage with any combination of our SkinCeuticals serums!

In sunny Southern California, it can be difficult to avoid free radicals entirely, but it’s important take preventative measures. They are generated by the sun’s UV rays and a multitude of environmental pollutions. This prematurely ages the skin and can potentially cause more serious harm if unaddressed.

SkinCeuticals developed these antioxidant serums to shield our skin from the sun’s destructive rays, neutralize free radicals, and prevent future damage. These products have been proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles and hyperpigmentation, while boosting collagen production and elasticity.

All of the antioxidant serums listed below provide advanced environmental protection, and beyond that, each product addresses a unique, individual concern.

CE Ferulic is one of our most popular products at Sanctuary. This serum eliminates fine lines and wrinkles while firming the skin. This also works as a fabulous addition to any sunscreen. *Recommended for dry, normal, or sensitive skin types.

C+AHA is a two-in-one treatment that exfoliates and smooths the surface of the skin, eliminating the dead surface cells, and revealing a youthful glow beneath. *Recommended for combination, dry, normal, or oily  skin types.

Phloretin CF prevents and corrects discoloration. It retextures the surface for a firmer and brighter complexion. *Recommended for combination, normal, or oily skin types.

Resveratrol BE pairs well with any of the above serums as their reparative nighttime counterpart. This concentrate restores  radiance and elasticity while you sleep, and strengthens your skin’s natural defense against new damage. *Recommended for combination, dry, normal, sensitive skin types.

The ingredients are simple, clean, and effective. Apply to a fresh, clean face before donning your moisturizer. Once applied, any one of these serums is effective for 72 hours.

Take advantage and combat free radicals with the best!

*May be purchased online or in store.
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