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February 3, 2023

July is slowly approaching, and if you’re like the rest of us, it snuck up on you when you weren’t looking. Preparing for swimsuit season this year was not the priority for most of us, which means now we’re here, looking like Thanksgiving was a week ago. #amirite?

If this isn’t you, we send all the praise and kudos your way, and also want to know… are you Beyonce? 

Thankfully, we have a plan for our last-minute Summer Slim-Down, and while you’re probably thinking it involves getting up at the crack of dawn to sweat, it doesn’t. It does involve getting up by at least 10:00 am, though, because that’s when the spa opens.

That’s right, the spa! Nope, we’re not sending you on a mile jog this morning, and we certainly aren’t telling you to buy an expensive juice cleanse. We’re telling you to hop on over to Sanctuary Spa and relax the toxins away in ultimate luxury.

Our Detox Body Wrap is designed to release toxic material into the lymphatic system to allow for the elimination of those toxins through sweat. And while you’re detoxing away, we’ll treat you to an indulgent scalp and foot massage. 


Picture this. Upon arriving at the spa, you will be escorted into a tranquil suite with classical music playing, and a cozy heated bed waiting for you. Your therapist will begin by giving your body a dry exfoliation to eliminate dead skin cells and stimulate blood circulation. Next, a silky, warm blend of essential oils will be applied over the entire body. These oils work together with the heat of the bed to draw out accumulated toxins that reside deep within your cells. You will be wrapped snuggly in a thermal blanket and will relax away the toxic material through sweat, while your therapist pampers you with a heavenly scalp and foot massage. If that’s not dreamy enough, you can also add on an Express Facial to enjoy during your wrap.


We are huge believers in holisitic health practices, and essential oils are easily our favorite to incorporate into our spa. The essential oil blend used in your Detox Body Wrap includes pine, lavender, juniper, thyme, mint, and sage. Each individual oil has a distinct purpose to help your body detoxify.

Pine: stimulates blood flow, decreases swelling

Lavender: boosts immunity, relieves muscle pain, eases tension

Juniper: antiseptic, diuretic, cleansing

Thyme: provides powerful antioxidants, supports the immune system

Mint: improves circulation

Sage: antifungal, antimicrobial, antioxidant


So, while we do encourage regular exercise and a healthy diet for your best self, our favorite Summer Slim-Down is the spa. Try it out for yourself by booking online or calling us at (562) 430-3027. 


Want to get the most calorie-crunching, detoxifying spa day yet? Add an Infrared Sauna session to your treatment for only $20 to enjoy before or after your wrap!

*We do not promote this wrap as a weight-loss treatment, but rather a detoxifying treatment. Individual results will vary.*
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