Infrared Sauna

Infrared therapy is the hottest health trend- now in Long Beach!

The mPulse cONQUER infrared sauna marries the technology of customizable full spectrum heat with comfort and style.

The patented cONQUER Solocarbon full-spectrum infrared sauna heating technology is the reason Sunlighten has received such rave reviews. This unique infrared heating system addresses a variety of conditions that include detoxification, high blood pressure, skin irritation issues, weight loss, and pain relief.

This cutting edge smart-technology tackles whole body health and wellness. The results don’t lie, and it’s no wonder the cONQUER infrared sauna is growing in popularity. Come experience it for yourself during your own private sauna session at Sanctuary Spa!


Single Session – $35 
Single Session when Added to an Additional Spa Service – $20


4 Sessions/Month: $59 per month 
8 Sessions/Month: $99 per month

Unused sessions roll over to the second month. 


10 Session Pack: $150 

No monthly charge or expiration date for stand-alone packages.