Halloween is officially less than one week away, and whether or not you have plans to go to a party, hand out candy, or turn off the porch light and pretend you're on vacay (#noshame), one thing is for sure... it's time to whip out the masks. And no, we don't mean Freddy Kreuger or Jason. 
If there's one thing we love, it's a great seasonal excuse to play with our favorite skincare goodies. What other time, but Halloween, is more ideal for raving about the masks we love the most? So, even if you're not stuffing your face with candy while in costume (read more about candy's influence on your skin here), we still have the perfect mask for you. 




The day has finally come. Our favorite organic skincare company, Eminence Organics, has launched a brand new line specifically to target even the worst acne. Stay tuned for our next blog, because we'll be gushing all about the products and what they'll do for all our acne woes. But for now, we'll introduce you to one of the newest goldmines, the Acne Advanced Clarifying Masque. Doubling as both a mask and a spot-treatment, this bad boy fights acne harder and better than any other organic product we've seen. Take a look at these ingredients:

Encapsulated Salicylic Acid - This acid works to break down dead cells and unclog pores, but since it is encapsulated, it's time-released. That means no rush of acid so quickly into the skin that you get dry and flaky. Dry skin and acne? No problem. 

Clay - A blend of two types of kaolin clay and montmorillonite clay from the depths of the earth in France absorb excess oil and reduce shine

Zinc Hyaluronate - Zinc and Hyaluronic Acid sucks inflammation out of the skin and heals breakouts 2x as fast

Arbutin - The "Tide-to-Go" pen for your skin, this gentle brightener derived from Bearberry reduces hyperpigmentation and scarring without being toxic



While Hydroquinone (a lab-made bleaching ingredient) does exist in the world, it is extremely toxic. We aren't going to grab a cotton round and wipe Clorox on our faces, so why use an incredibly harsh and dangerous chemical on your skin when you can use nature's alternative? The Bright Skin Masque features an all-natural Hydroquinone alternative to reduce dark spots without compromising your skin's health. It also includes: 

Bearberry Extract, Licorice Root, and GigaWhite - All antioxidants that soothe, illuminate, and brighten the skin 

Stone Crop - Nature's hydrator

BioComplex - Eminence's unique blend of antioxidants that fight the appearance of wrinkles



Speaking of wrinkles, we don't want those either. If this is your first and foremost concern, the Bamboo Age Corrective Masque is our pick for you. With the most powerful anti-aging technology in natural and organic skincare, this mask doesn't just target lines and wrinkles, but also treats elasticity of the skin to help it look tight and toned with featured ingredients like: 

Natural Retinol Alternative - A gentler approach to tightening and lifting skin than our Retinoid counterpart 

PhytoCellTech Swiss Green Apple Stem Cells - Plant stem cell that promote elasticity and delay signs of aging 

Bamboo - Rich in fiber, antioxidants, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and all the delicious goodness our skin craves 

Shea Butter - High in fatty acids and triglycerides to restore the skin's moisture barrier and keep it supple and smooth 



Especially around this time of year, we probably all need a little TLC in the moisture department. Our go-to mask for treating dry skin can also be used as a night cream in a thinner layer for anyone looking to wake up to less dry, more dew! Another tip we love... use it on an airplane to avoid dry plane skin!  What is it? The Linden Calendula Treatment, which contains: 

Linden - Our hydration support 

Calendula - Tones and tightens the skin through moisturization 

BioComplex - That anti-aging powerhouse blend of antioxidants 

Lipoic Acid - Reduces the appearance of wrinkles for a little extra love along with your moisture repair 



Let's be honest, this most likely means you need a good exfoliation. But our mask pick for you isn't just going to eat away at dead skin, it'll also brighten your skin by reducing the appearance of pigmentation, help pores look smaller, and give you the luminosity everyone needs in October. The Yam & Pumpkin Enzyme Peel has: 

Yam - High in beta-carotene, this delicious almost-potato reduces the appearance of aging 

Pumpkin Pulp - Rich in enzymes, amino acids, beta-carotene, and vitamins to fight aging skin

Pineapple - Purifies skin by removing dirt and bad proteins

Papaya - More enzymes to help with tone and texture 

Glycolic and Lactic Acids - Sloughs off dead skin cells for smoother skin

Willow Bark - Minimizes the look of pores 

Botanical Hyaluronic Acid - A deep hydrator to plump skin and reduce wrinkles 

Green Tea Extract - All the yummy vitamins we want for younger looking skin



If you have red, sensitive, irritated skin, we want to calm that right on down. So, as the name suggests, the Calm Skin Arnica Masque is for you. This mask soothes the skin and reduces inflammation, but many don't know that it also detoxifies the skin. What's in it:

Arnica - Cleanser 

Marigold - Gently soothes and cleans the skin

Shea Butter - Restores the skin's moisture barrier 

Ivy Leaf - A nutrient and antioxidant with a high concentration of vitamin C

Horse Chestnut - Tone's the appearance of the skin

BioComplex  - Anti-aging blend of antioxidants 

Lipoic Acid - Reduces the appearance of wrinkles 


Trick-or-Treatment, anyone?