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February 4, 2023

Happy Spring!

Kate is a workout fiend, and it shows. Her skin is as radiant as ever- how does she do it?! It might have something to do with her pre and post sweat skincare regimen.

Maybe some of us are ramping up our workout routine as we ease out of winter into warmer weather. Exercise is good for your health year round, but does it throw your skin for a loop? It’s spring now, and bikini season is practically upon us so now is not the time to skip a gym sesh.

Follow these simple guidelines for before, during, and after a workout to keep your skin healthy, clear, and full of glow.


Wash off the make- up. Cleanse before you exercise, so that during that deep sweat, all of the surface gunk won’t seep into the deepest layer and clog your pores. (Make up wipes are a quick & easy alternative.)

Post cleanse, apply a toner or facial mist. Doing your whole routine can be tedious, but do use one of the aforementioned products to keep your skin hydrated. Dehydration can present its own set of breakout issues, so let’s avoid that.


Don’t touch your face. This is a rule of thumb for, well, always, but especially at the gym where there are tons of grimy surfaces. Clean your phone and earphones before and after working out to avoid exposing any impurities directly to your complexion.

Bring your own towel. You never know what bleaching products the gym is using to clean and sanitize, and it might be a serious irritant for your skin. Make sure you’re dabbing, not rubbing, and with the inside fold of the towel, not the side that has been sitting on the treadmill hand rest that everyone grabs.

Tie your hair up when you workout. We use plenty of pore-clogging products to keep our hair looking on point, but we don’t want those ingredients touching our faces or our backs when our skin is most vulnerable during a sweat session.


Apply a toner or wash your face nearly immediately.  To avoid unbalanced pH levels or surface build up, cleanse the skin soon after your workout is complete.
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