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February 4, 2023

It’s Easter! And thanks to all the Easter inspiration floating around cyber-space,

like Easter egg decorating ideas, sweet treats, and other crafts and DIY projects, we thought we would bring you yet another “egg-citing” way to enjoy your Easter weekend! While eggs do make beautiful decorations and snacks for your Easter holiday, they also make great facials. That’s right, you heard us! Egg whites, in particular, are impressively nourishing for our skin due to all the rich nutrients they have to offer. The two main ingredients we love in egg whites are protein, which helps improve skin inflammation, tone, and elasticity,  and collagen, which helps fill in fine lines and wrinkles. So before you hard-boil that entire carton of eggs to paint, save a few to indulge yourself in… literally! Below are three at home egg white masks that you can make with ingredients found right in your kitchen. Whatever your skin type, we have one for you! Apply the mask of your choice on clean skin for 15 minutes.

Happy Easter!
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