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February 4, 2023

“Get enough sleep!” is the standard, cure-all advice. Adequate sleep can improve your health, mood, and even your appearance. Seven to eight hours is the golden recommended amount, with an extra fifteen minute window to fall asleep. While we know the multitude of benefits and its important role in our wellness, it’s easier said than done.

According to Dr. Matt Walker of UC Berkeley, 10 p.m. is the ideal time to go to bed to maximize your rest, and 6 a.m. is the best time to begin your day. “The time of night when you sleep makes a significant difference in terms of the structure and quality of your sleep,” he says. “When it comes to bedtime… there’s a window of a several hours—roughly between 8 PM and 12 AM—during which your brain and body have the opportunity to get all the non-REM and REM shuteye they need to function optimally.” His research supports the early to bed, early to rise theory, so it is important to find your balance within the given time frame to stay sharp.

Tips to beautify while you sleep:

“Never, never, never go to bed without washing your face.” -Winston Churchill. Just kidding, but really- don’t go to bed without a thorough cleanse to wash off the day and refresh your pores.

To avoid puffy eyes in the morning, place an extra pillow underneath your head while you sleep.

Sleep with a humidifier on to keep your skin hydrated while you dream.

Sleep on your back. Sleeping on your side causes squishing in the face and crease lines in the chest area. That repeated pressure night after night can cause those lines to set in permanently.

Use a silk or satin pillow case to prevent the tangled nest look in the AM. Bonus- the material softens the skin instead of leaving the creases & wrinkles that come from your average cotton pillow case. Wake up feeling refreshed, with your hair and skin looking fabulous!
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