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February 4, 2023

Halloween crept up on us this year, but we have some amazing costume ideas- as we’re sure you do too! Some of those might include elaborate face make up to wow at your event while you dance and let loose, but the heavy face paint and sweaty fun don’t mix. Want to know how to keep your skin looking fresh and clear, no matter which costume make up you choose? Even if you decide on a cleaner, complexion-safe face make up brand, there’s a chance of breakout if you don’t care for your pores. Follow these simple guidelines to avoid a shiny clogged predicament the day after. Your pores will thank you!

Cover Up

Before you begin layering on the pretty sugar skull make up, cover and treat any existing breakouts with a soothing, but proactive product to prevent it from growing worse. (Our Herbal Spot Serum or Clear Willow Bark Booster Serum, both by Eminence, are excellent for this.)

Mind Your P’s

Don’t forget about those overworked pores. Forget the steamy facials or pore-opening peels in the days leading up to Halloween. (We caught you just in time!) It would allow for the face paint to be more readily and deeply absorbed, which is something we don’t want. Use a solid primer to create a barrier between your precious pores and the heavy face make up. Bonus, a primer will also help the face paint wear better, longer.

Clean Up

Cleaning and clearing off that thick coat of sweaty make up is key, so don’t head to bead before you have a chance to wash up. Use a generous amount of make up remover, a thorough cleanser, and tone it up right afterward. Try a light moisturizer after your cleansing routine to give your pores somewhat of a break. Day after care can include meticulous exfoliation or a restorative mask.

Happy Halloween, beauties! Be safe and have so much fun!

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