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February 4, 2023

We are happy to share the newest addition to our spa, our ECHO2 Plus Oxygen Treatment System! It is an amazing, nutrient-rich system that instantly returns health and vitality to your skin.


ECHO is an acronym for the process, meaning:

E is for Exfoliation. This thorough step is important to remove that dead layer of skin to get down to the good stuff and allow the following steps to have maximum efficacy.

C is for Cleansing. The Echo2 uses an exclusive, all-natural cleansing solution that was formulated specifically for this treatment to condition and tone the skin. It is made from mint instead of alcohol, and acts as a gentle astringent.

 H is for Hydration. This system employs Osmotic Hydration, a method that uses enzymes and amino acids to target the skin cells beneath the epidermis where new cells form.

O is for Oxygen. Now that the skin has been properly prepared, it will be nourished with a therapeutic blast of pure oxygen, vitamin A, C, and E & 87 other minerals.

Why oxygen? Ok, so we know oxygen is necessary for cells to live, but what you may not know is that as we age, it gets increasingly more difficult for our skin to retain and utilize oxygen, which inhibits the process of cell turnover. This treatment targets the dermis, the deeper layers of the skin where new cells form, and infuses oxygen where it bonds with the red blood cells and collagen. This stimulates production of new cells and improves the texture and elasticity of your skin.

Pore by pore, this treatment reduces the signs of aging and restores vivacity and delivers that coveted, wholesome glow, making this facial beneficial for all skin types.

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No wonder oxygen facials are all the rage! Even Blake Lively is speaking out about them.
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