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February 4, 2023

Billion Dollar Brows is a company that is dedicated to creating the most nourishing and beautiful products for arguably, the most important feature of the face- eyebrows! Because they are often neglected, BDB offers a helpful solution to keep those brows on fleek, and at a reasonable price.

In their humble beginning, BDB sought to solve over-tweezing issues, and only sold conditioning treatments and gels. As the fuller brow movement became popular, they realized the potential and expanded into the cosmetic market. This new addition focused on maintaining healthier, fuller, more vibrant brows. From the finest ingredients, they have created gels, pencils, powders, and tools to keep brows bold and beautiful. At Sanctuary, we carry an array of brow powders, pencils, and a few BDB kits. Here are three of our most popular sellers.

The Brow Powder is a lightweight formula that instantly thickens thinning brows. With the help of the attached brush, this product is easy to blend and leaves a natural finish. This vegan-friendly powder is easy to apply and remove. We carry four shades: blonde, light brown, taupe, and raven.

The Brow Buddy is a BDB exclusive, patented tool that customizes a brow shaping, just for you! With unique technology, it assesses your face shape and delivers a fuller, more symmetrical shape for your best brow yet.

The Best Sellers Kit combines the best of BDB in one neat kit. The kit includes the universal brow pencil, the brow duo pencil, brow gel, a smudge brush, and a sharpener. The brow pencil is an automatic pencil that never needs sharpening, and works with any hair color or skin tone. Brow gel makes those brows behave and locks in the look for all day wear. The smudge brush is the ideal tool to apply any BDB creamy cosmetic.  The sharpener included in the kit is custom designed with the BDB brow pencils in mind.

From Spa Nordstrom to Caesar’s Palace, on E! to Fox News, in New Beauty to Vanity Fair, Billion Dollar Brows has proven to be an excellent and effective brand.

“Bringing beautiful brows to as many people as possible is our life’s work, our passion, our mission.” -Billion Dollar Brows
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