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February 4, 2023

No matter how long the flight, we all want to step off the plane looking flawless and fresh-faced. It’s difficult, no doubt, but we’ve complied a list of ways to fight the stale cabin air and stagnant seating arrangement. Here is an in-flight beauty routine sure to bust any jet lag skincare woes.

We know you’ve heard this one a million times over, but here’s the skinny. Drink lots of water, no matter how much you dread that airplane bathroom. The dry, cabin-pressured air isn’t friendly with our skin. Hydrating well throughout the flight prevents puffy, congested “flight face.” Avoid salty foods and in-flight cocktails. Stick with the simple H2O instead. Fruit and veggies are approved snacks because they can help with internal hydration and prevent bloat.

External hydration helps too. Apply moisturizer to your hands regularly throughout the flight. Close to your expected arrival time, remove any makeup, thoroughly wash your hands, and apply toner before layering generous amounts of moisturizer on your face and neck. Utilizing pressure points between your eyebrows, along the brow bone, on either side of the nose, and above and below the lips will increase circulation. Ten seconds of pressure applied to each of these facial locations will revive your complexion, promoting a natural glow ready for whenever you happen to deplane.

Because of the nature of airplane seating, we may be stuck sitting in the same position for the duration of a flight, which causes our circulation and metabolism to slow. Constipation and clotting can become a concern. Flexing and releasing the calf muscles or periodically standing will increase circulation throughout the body. Massaging the stomach clockwise in large circular motions will help move things along. This will prevent a backup of toxins that could ultimately lead to unwanted breakouts.
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