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February 4, 2023

We’ve all tried the restricted diet or painful juice cleanse in attempts to jumpstart the journey to a slimmer, healthier bod, but what if there was a more enjoyable way, dare we say fun? This post is all about beauty blasting detox techniques that will make you look and feel amazing, without the negative side effects. In keeping with our New Year, New You detox theme, this week we’re sharing five painless ways to detox.

Clean your makeup brushes on the regular. The bristles are a happy home for bacteria, and without regular washes, you could be unknowingly spreading those dirty pore-cloggers all over your beautiful complexion. A weekly cleansing session is recommended.

Swap your coffee for something healthier, and more importantly, more digestion-friendly. If you can’t give up caffeine altogether (and believe us, we understand) then try a matcha tea, plain green tea, or even better, a green tea with ginger. Each of these options are antioxidant-rich and provide a lovely dose of energy.

Soak up relaxation while you detox in a bath customized to your preference and needs. Epsom salts help detox the body. Anything citrus aids in boosting immunity and revitalizing the senses. Clay helps to soften the skin, which leads us to our next piece of advice.

Clay masks are masterful in extracting dirt and grime from pores in addition to smoothing the texture of the skin. Mix a bit of water and clay mask together to create the most refreshing acne-blasting, skin-saving mask to restore your clean and clear glow.

A product overhaul may be in order too. Giving your skin a break is key, but when you do lather on luxurious goodness, it’s important to choose clean products that don’t contain nasty synthetics or pore-clogging ingredients. At Sanctuary, we carry only the best and Eminence Organics fits the bill. From serums to sunscreen, Eminence has a wide range of effective products. Eminence is clean and luxurious while being purely organic and healthful. If you’re taking your skincare to the next level, it’s worth considering this exceptional alternative.

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