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February 4, 2023

Enough is enough; we’re over the dehydrating, pore clogging make up removers. Make up is fun and it’s not going anywhere, but our skin doesn’t have to suffer because we want to play. The problem comes when trying to weed out the legitimate alternative skincare options from the bogus ones. There is a lot of rubbish out there, but we’re here to help cut through the noise. We’re sharing three safe, effective alternative methods for removing make up.

Cucumber slices are amazing for their ability to de-puff and sooth- that’s why they’re a spa staple. But did you know how amazing they are for taking off make up? With one swoop of the slice, you can remove tired eye make up and sooth the skin at the same time. They can be used all over the face, just grab a few extra slices if you plan to use them to take off face make up.

Jojoba Oil is an especially healing oil because it most closely resembles your skin and hair’s natural oil, sebum. Jojoba has been integrated into many skincare lines recently, and its dual use is its amazing ability to remove make up. Apply a few droplets to a cotton round and wipe across the skin wherever make up is present. The hydrating, healing benefits of jojoba oil outweigh the pore clogging, dehydrating downsides of oil-based removers.

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is the cure all for everything from skincare & hair to whiter teeth, and we have yet another practical use for it. Like jojoba oil, applying a few droplets on a cotton round works to remove face make up, but it also has the added gentle but effective bonus of being the best eye make up remover around. Dab a bit onto your fingers and feel your mascara dissolve right off your lashes. No pulling, no hassle, no problem.

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