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February 3, 2023

I don’t know about you, but I always get so excited for the holidays. Who doesn’t? From Halloween through New Year’s, we are given complete, nondiscrimination permission to overindulge in all the tasteful pleasures. Candy? Yes. Pie? Definitely. Eggnog? I’ll take two. As fun as it is to indulge, January quickly shows it’s disapproving face, and we feel bloated, nauseous, and clogged. But our waistlines aren’t the only thing that suffers from holiday overindulgences; our skin suffers too. That’s why we are kicking off 2017 by completely detoxifying our bodies from the inside out. The holidays were fun, but the side effects of all that sugar…? Not so much.

Join us this month by signing up for a Detox Day that you so deserve (and probably need), and treat yourself to one, or all, of these incredibly detoxifying and rejuvenating treatments we have to offer! 

Infrared Sauna $35 ($20 when booked with an additional service)

Our broad-spectrum Infrared Sauna is one of the best ways to detox your body from the inside out. Unlike a regular hot rock or steam sauna, an infrared sauna uses infrared beams to heat your body from the inside out, resulting in a sweat that is composed of 7x the amount of toxins than from a regular sauna. Not only is the infrared sauna a wonderfully relaxing way to detox, but the health benefits are endless. These benefits include things like skin purification, weight loss, lower blood pressure, cellular health, improved circulation, and pain relief. Learn more about the details of our Infrared Sauna here.

Detox Body Wrap $115

The deeply penetrating oils of Pine (purifying), Lavender (anti-toxic), Juniper (diuretic), Thyme (antiseptic), Mint (activates circulation) and Sage (toning) are combined with gentle heat to progressively convert solidified toxins in your body to a semi-liquid state, and encourages their elimination through the lymphatic system. While the detoxification occurs, you also experience total relaxation. This treatment also includes a relaxing food and scalp massage. Win!

Microdermabrasion $125

This advanced technology targets damaged surface skin cells, removing them and making way for clear, clean skin cells to emerge. It works in a manner similar to a light chemical peel, but is non-invasive and requires no down time. Microdermabrasion is the perfect way to shed the old skin suffering from poor holiday diets and harsh winter weather, and reveal spring clean skin! Learn more about Microdermabrasion here.


If you’re suffering from the “After-Holiday blues”, book one of the above services and give your body the fresh start it needs to kick off 2017! 

Happy New Year!
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