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February 3, 2023

If you’ve ever received a professional facial treatment before, chances are you have experienced High Frequency. It’s that little wand that glides over the surface of your skin mid-treatment and emits a buzzing noise. Perhaps you were in such a relaxed state that you didn’t notice (that’s the goal!), but what does that little machine even do?

To put it simply, the High Frequency machine is everyone’s best friend, tackling issues from aging skin to acne, and everything in between.


The High Frequency machine uses a glass wand, called an electrode, to glide over the surface of the skin. The electrode is filled with either neon gas (produces an orange light) or argon gas (produces a violet light) that when applied to the skin, causes a mild electrical current to pass through it. This results in partial thermal tissue warming and circulation, which contracts the tiny blood vessels underneath. The contraction of those vessels pushes toxins aways and brings nutrients and hydrating volume to the cells.


If “hydrating volume” wasn’t enough of a hint, we’ll be frank. The result of this process is an increase in levels of collagen and elastin, which not only help to smooth away fine lines and wrinkles, but also shrink pore size and improve the overall texture of the skin. If that isn’t enough, High Frequency also has an anti-bacterial and cleansing effect on the skin, working to prevent the onset of acne and allowing the skin to become more receptive to acne products and treatments. Additionally, High Frequency can be used to treat puffy eyes and dark circles, as it aids in lymphatic drainage and causes a rush of circulation, which will allow the products used around the eye area to penetrate deeper into the skin.


High Frequency is perfectly safe, painless, and quick. Although the word “electrical current” sounds intimidating, most clients don’t feel anything. Those who do will feel a mild tingling sensation at most. The only clients who cannot safely undergo High Frequency are those who are pregnant, have a history of heart problems or a pacemaker, or have had major facial surgeries with large amounts of metal in the face, skull, or neck.

High Frequency is an effective, fast treatment that has proven to help clients with an array of skincare concerns, as it considered a gentle method of facial rejuvenation. Bet you didn’t know that little buzzing noise you hear in your facial did all that! 



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