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February 3, 2023

We have seen celebrities try all kinds of interesting trends to better their health or become “bikini body ready”. Everything from hot yoga, to juice cleanses, to waist trainers… we have seen it all! And while many of these trends are topics of controversy, the latest new trend has scientific research and evidence to back it up. And the best part? We’ve got it! This hot new health trend (pun intended) might just be the simplest, most relaxing way to fight, well… anything! What is it? A Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna.

Q: What does “infrared” mean? 
A: The infrared sauna gets its name from the use of infrared light to cause the heat. Infrared light is actually a spectrum of the sun that we cannot see, but our bodies feel the light as heat.

Q: What does infrared light do? 
A: Infrared light has the incredible ability to penetrate deep down into human tissue. Since we feel this light as heat, it raises our core body temperature and produces a deep, detoxifying sweat our cellular level, where most of those nasty toxins like to hang out.

Q: How is it different from a regular hot rock or steam sauna? 
A: There are a few very big differences between regular and infrared saunas. The biggest being that regular saunas heat the air around you, while infrared saunas heat our bodies directly. That’s why the sweat is so detoxifying. For example, toxins make up about 3% of the sweat produced from regular saunas, but they make up about 20% of our sweat when using an infrared sauna. Statistically speaking, infrared saunas are 7x more effective! Another major difference is the overall atmosphere. Regular saunas are heated upwards of 200 degrees, making it more difficult to breathe. Infrared saunas have a very gentle heat, between 100-150 degrees. In fact, an infrared sauna session is typically around 30-45 minutes because it’s that gentle!

Q: Is it safe? 
A: Perfectly! This is actually the same heat source that keeps pre-mature babies warm in hospitals. If you are pregnant, have blood or cardiovascular health issues, or chronic conditions or diseases, we would recommend consulting your physician first.

Q: What are the health benefits?
A: Here we go… ready?!

Skin Purification
Pain Relief
Cell Health
Improved Circulation
Lower Blood Pressure
Weight Loss
Wound Healing

Yep. That’s right. ALL OF THAT.

Q: What can I expect from a Sanctuary Spa Infrared Sauna Session? 
A: The simple answer is… complete relaxation. Our infrared sauna is tucked away in a private room for your private session. Whether you want to get away for a little while, or bring a friend, the sauna is booked out per client. Forget sharing a big room with sweaty strangers! Your room is stocked with magazines, cold compress towels, complimentary water bottles, and Tempur-Pedic bench pillows. The infrared sauna itself is equipped with an Android Tablet that allows you to customize the lighting for reading or napping, and use apps for your personal entertainment. Catch up on your Netflix binge, relax to a Pandora music station, scroll on Facebook, you name it! The choice is yours. And yes, your phone is safe inside the sauna. But we think you might like to leave it off for awhile! 😉


Single Session – $35
Single Session when Added to an Additional Spa Service – $20


4 Sessions/Month: $59 per month
8 Sessions/Month: $99 per month

Unused sessions roll over to the next month and are never wasted.


10 Session Pack: $150

No monthly charge or expiration date for stand-alone packages. 

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