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February 3, 2023

As tweens approach their wonderful, hormone-fueled teenage years, they will notice some drastic changes in their skin. Although breakouts are bound to happen more frequently during this time, there are plenty of things your teens can be doing to help maintain a healthy complexion. It is important to remember that healthy skincare habits apply to all genders, not just girls!

1. Cleanse 2x daily. An AM and PM cleanse keeps unwanted bacteria at bay.
2. Always clean skin after sweating (gym class, sports, working out, etc) Sweating can cause clogged pores and if left unwashed, can cause annoying breakouts!
3. Moisturize after cleansing. Yes, even if your skin is oily. Your skin needs a healthy balance of moisture. If you use products to dry out excess oil without replacing it with healthy moisture, it can cause your body to over produce oils leading to more breakouts.
4. Exfoliate 2x-3x a week. Your skin sheds dead cells constantly and if you let that build up, you will notice a duller complexion that is prone to breakouts. Exfoliating a few times a week makes a huge difference!
5. Stay hydrated! Drinking plenty of water is good for you overall, but it makes keeping your skin clear even easier. It flushes toxins from your system and keeps your complexion moisturized from within.


1. Go to bed without removing makeup. Your skin regenerates over night, so imagine what happens if you leave makeup on during that time. Not only does it age you faster, but you will almost always wake up with a new zit. No matter how tired you are, it’s not worth it!
2. Picking at breakouts. Easier said than done, we know! But irritating a spot by picking will ultimately make everything worse. Not only will it cause harsh scarring, but you are more likely to spread bacteria around and worsen the situation. Step away from the mirror, those blackheads don’t need to be attacked!
3. Eat tons of junk food. What you put in your body reflects outwardly. A healthy diet can help ease hormonal breakouts whereas sugary, fatty, and sodium rich foods can exacerbate any complexion issues you have going on.
4. Skip sunscreen. SPF is your skin’s best friend and skipping it is almost criminal! It protects against harmful UVA and UVB rays that lead to premature aging, discoloration, and skin cancer.
5. Forget to practice mental self-care. Teens sincerely put up with a lot of stress from school, friends, and family. Stress from a big test can also mean a big zit – so remember to take time for yourself when you can.

Although it is important to maintain healthy skincare habits, it is also critical for teenagers to know that breakouts and skin drama are truly a part of the territory. Internal hormonal changes are normal, and so are the blemishes that come along with it. Having a solid skincare routine and healthy eating habits can help alleviate blemish dilemmas and get teens on the right track to a life of glowing skin

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