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February 3, 2023

It’s June! Many of us know June as the season it starts getting warm, the time spring is wishing us farewell, and we can start wishing we were still in school so we could have a summer vacation again. Oh, how great that would be! But do you know what else June is? Wedding season! That’s right. All those Christmas engagements you saw on Facebook are finally happening. In honor of it being wedding season, we thought we would share some skin care tips and advice on how to care for your skin in the most efficient way possible in the months leading up to your wedding. For your convenience, we’ve broken it down into a pre-wedding timeline like all those fancy magazines do. Happy Skin = Happy Wedding Season!

6 Months:

  • Budget in for Regular Facials. For those of you who are already on the monthly facial bandwagon, we salute you! However, many of us neglect this crucial step in our skin care routine. Visiting your esthetician for a facial every 4-6 weeks ensures the progression of your skin’s health. Your esthetician is trained to give your skin a deeper cleanse and treatment than you can get at home with store-bought products, safely and efficiently extract any blackheads or blemishes, help your skin shed any toxin build-up, and can advise you on how to take care of your unique skin and skin care goals at home. The sooner you start, the better!
  • Be Consistent About Your Skin Care Regimen. It takes several weeks (sometimes months) before we see the results from a skin care product. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and unfortunately, reaching our goals for our skin doesn’t happen overnight either. It is important to get on a regular skin care routine and be consistent about it so your skin has time to progress.
  • Wax On! Due to the way our hair growth cycles operate, it is important to wax those areas you want baby smooth skin on regularly. Don’t make the mistake of waiting to do your bikini wax right before your wedding. Too close to the Big Day and you risk being sore and tender, and just one wax before the Big Day and you risk being prickly and bumpy. Regular waxes deliver silky, smooth skin that will leave you glowing all Honeymoon long!

1 Month:

  • Try the New Products Another Time. The month before your wedding is crunch time. This is the time you shed the last few pounds, eat as well as you can, take the best care of your skin, and put together the last details of your Big Day. It is not the time to try a new facial cleanser. The last thing you want is to have an adverse reaction or breakout from a new product you have added in. With just a month left, there is no time to spare. Frantically trying to heal your skin from a reaction in time for your wedding is not an added stressor that you need. Stick to your continued regimen, and seek the help of esthetician for any specific skin concerns you may have.
  • Schedule Your Test Runs. We already know the importance of scheduling hair and makeup trials. After all, we want to feel like Miss USA walking down the aisle! But we often forget to schedule a test run for our spray tan. Make sure you schedule a tan (or two!) before the one you will have for your Big Day. That way you won’t have to worry about how long it will last or if you like the color. You’ll already be a pro at your glow by then!
  • Whiten Your Teeth. Many teeth whitening systems take days, weeks, or multiple cycles of whitening before you reach your desired adults. Start early so your teeth will be whiter than the dress!

1 Week:

  • ExfoliateFor an ultra smooth, buttery body, start exfoliating your skin now. Use a sugar scrub or loofah in your shower to slough away any dead skin. Not only will your skin look and feel softer, but your spray tan will take better and last longer.
  • Last Chance for Wax! Now is the time to book all those final waxing appointments. Bikini, brows, lip, underarm… you decide! We recommend doing this during the week before your Big Day rather than a day or so before. That way if your skin lifts or is irritated in any way, it has time to calm down and be nothing but perfect for your wedding.
  • No Peels! It’s tempting to want to do something extravagant to reach your desired skin now. Forego the urge to book that chemical peel or laser treatment, because these procedures are extremely harsh and do require down time. Even if your skin doesn’t show any sensitivity on your Big Day, a chemical peel leaves your skin extremely sensitive to environmental stressors and the sun. Sun burn, or worse, sun damage is a lot harder to cover up than your pre-peel skin. This, my friend, is when it’s time to bring in the Makeup Artist. Not the chemicals or needles.

1-2 Days:

  • Book an Oxygen Facial! Not only do you deserve a bit of pampering… you are the bride, after all… or some relaxation… you are the bride, after all… This facial is the perfect final treatment for your Big Day. Our Oxygen Facial is not safe to have this close to your wedding, it is encouraged. During this treatment, over 87 vitamins and minerals are inserted into your skin through an Oxygen Mist. The result is ultra-conditioned, supple, glowing skin. Your skin will look better than it ever has, and your makeup will go on seamlessly.
  • Hydrate. We encourage you to spend your days double-fisted… with water, that is! Keeping yourself well hydrated will keep your skin in the condition you have worked so hard to reach. No dryness or flakiness for you! Not only that, it will help fight any flu bugs trying to attack. With the stress of wedding planning, it is normal for our immune systems to be a little weaker than usual. Water to the rescue!
  • It’s Glam Time! Now is the time you get to turn into Miss USA. Or better! Schedule your spray tan two days before so it’s settled into a natural color, but isn’t flaking off yet. Book your mani/pedi, and enjoy putting together all the final touches of your Big Day!
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