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February 3, 2023

The full and fluffy brow trend has officially declared its presence as big and bold as it can, and why shouldn’t it? Brows define the entire face. But since the rise and evolution of permanent makeup and tattooed eyebrows, we have come to a new and improved version of this beauty treatment, microblading! But what exactly makes microblading so “new and improved” from traditional eyebrow tattooing?


With traditional eyebrow tattooing, ink is continuously implanted into the skin with a machine. In microblading, the pigment is implanted into the skin by hand, using a device that looks a bit like a pen with a row of very fine, small needles on the end that hold the ink. Since the method is done by hand, the brows are intricately created stroke by stroke, hair by hair.


With eyebrow tattooing, the most common result we’ve all seen is the bold, solid color. While eyebrow tattooing has certainly advanced into more individual, customized techniques, the result is still not as crisp as microblading. It tends to always look like they’ve been artificially filled in, weather they look filled in from ink or a brow pencil/powder, they don’t come across natural. But because of the way pigment is implanted in microblading, the result are brows that look so real, even men are beginning to sign up. A microblading artist can meticuliously customize and craft each set of brows per client.


We’ve all seen them. The blue eyebrows. Maybe they looked okay a long time ago, but now they’re just… blue. Eyebrow tattooing is more permanent than microblading, so some may find it more desirable for that reason. But over time, the ink can turn gray, blue, or brown, and even bleed out over time, looking thicker and less precise. Microblading is considered a semi-permanent treatment because it is estimated to last around 12-18 months. So, while you may have to have them microbladed again after a few years, you’ll never see ink bleeding or the pigment color changing. The pigment fades naturally over time, but only gets lighter; the actual hue doesn’t change. This allows you for you to re-do them after a few years, or let your brows go au naturel once again without having the equivalent of a bad haircut’s in-between stage, but on your face. You all know what we mean.

Microblading is for the person who wants natural, fluffy, flawless-looking brows that can easily be re-done every few years as brow trends change, without ever having to face the pain and risk of discolored eyebrows from traditional tattooing.


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Our microblading artist, Kallie, is offering the treatment for only $299 (reg. $450) for the months of September and October!

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