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February 3, 2023

When you ask your skin care professional what products and ingredients are must haves, you may hear things like SPF, peptides, antioxidants, and retinal. These are the things that make your skin care preventative and transformative. But a science coined back in the ‘50s is making massive strides in the future of how we treat our skin – Human Growth Factors (HGF).

Growth factors are large proteins found throughout our bodies that repair and heal cellular damage. Growth factors in the skin are found in the outermost epidermis, collagen and melanocytes (pigment making cells). We produce less HGFs as we age, causing loss of elasticity, pigmentation, and overall less supple skin. Because of their key role in repairing damaged cells, it is almost a no-brainer that adding these to topical skincare products can change the way we look at anti-aging.

But where do we get these growth factors?

The growth factors found in serums, gels, and creams are either bio engineered in a laboratory, or extracted from human stem cells. Stem cells from any source – fat, skin, bone marrow, etc – can give growth factors used to aid in the recovery of damaged cells. HGFs are truly the most cutting-edge approach to youthful skin on the market. Because they are derived from human stem cells, they target collagen and elastic productions on a deep cellular level.

HGFs target multiple anti-aging concerns at once, but when paired with other services and products that treat skin concerns (Vitamin C serums, eye creams, acne products, etc) they help boost the results!


AQ Skin Solutions is an award-winning line of patented HGF products that is available here at Sanctuary Spa. AQ Skin Solutions GF Technology was originally discovered through wound healing and cell regeneration therapy in 3rd degree burn victims. Medical research has found that HGFs can speed and improve healing when applied to areas of the human body damaged in surgery, burns, wounds, or accidents. AQ’s excellence in skincare and therapeutics is recognized globally with awards from CityBeat News Spectrum, My Face My Body, and THE Aesthetic Industry. AQ Skin Solutions has been recognized for Highest Customer Satisfaction, Best Skin Tightening Treatment, Best Anti-Aging Product, Best Growth Factor Serum and more.

The AQ Active Serum was designed to promote cell turnover to decrease pigmentation, wrinkles, sagging and uneven texture. The AQ Eye Rejuvenation Serum uses a gentle formulation for the delicate eye area bringing the HGF benefits to target dark circles, creepiness, and leaves the area silky and moisturized. Both products, especially when paired with a customized skin care routine, can bring results in as little as two weeks.

Ask your esthetician about adding AQ products into your regime during your next visit!
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