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February 3, 2023

Whether you are a natural night-owl with a disregard for bedtime or someone who just can’t get the sleep they crave – not catching up on your ZZZs can really take a toll on your skin. Obviously, getting a perfect night’s rest is easier said than done but it plays a huge part in the health of your body.

1. HGHs (human growth factors) being production within the first 3 hours of sleeping. These help your body build and repair damage caused throughout the day. These already decrease in our bodies as we age, so it’s important to truly give it time to replenish your cells. This is also when the body produces antioxidants to protect you for the next wake cycle.
2. Cortisol levels increase greatly when you don’t get a full night’s sleep. High cortisol levels cause inflammation to be triggered and inflammation breaks down collagen and elastin. Without those components, your skin lacks plumpness and firmness.
3. Dark circles! Not getting enough sleep causes your blood vessels to dilate, making the blue and purple discoloration under the eyes that are (almost!) impossible to cover up.
4. Lack of sleep can even increase existing conditions like acne, colds, rashes and more. Letting your body beat itself down with a lack of sleep and healthy cell regeneration can cause inflammation to skyrocket. This allows your body to become more susceptible to illness and weakened immune system.
5. Your lymphatic systems drains slower when you don’t rest enough. Excess fluids that stay dormant in our system can cause under eye bags and puffiness that make us look more tired and dull.

How can you start the process of getting back onto a healthy sleep cycle? Take little steps towards a consistent evening routine. About an hour before you need to go to bed, try and cut back on screen time. Cellphones, tablets, televisions, laptops – you name it – all emit blue light that can cause over stimulation to your eyes and mind. By giving yourself time away from your electronics, you give your brain time to unwind. Find something soothing to do in that time instead. Studies time and time again show that reading before bed can reduce stress and help you fall asleep faster. Calming teas like chamomile, peppermint, passionflower can help relax you into a deeper sleep when you’re ready as well. Also make sure you aren’t drinking caffeine late into the afternoon, you’ll regret it later on. Here’s an obvious one – a PM skincare routine! (how could we not?) When you have specific steps you take each night before bed, your body falls into that routine over time. Say you settle down each evening with a cup of tea, your favorite book, and a face mask at 9pm, over time your body and mind will recognize it’s time to chill out and get some sleep by 10pm!
Need a little boost?

Ask your esthetician what how you can change your PM habits and products to wake up with a more rejuvenated complexion! The above products plus the bedtime aid from Bioreigns CBDzzz (read more here: are all available at Sanctuary Spa.

Now get some rest!
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