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February 3, 2023

You have probably seen stone rollers popping up everywhere from Instagram, YouTube, and your favorite beauty stores. A quick internet search will load dozens of benefits from crystal healing to lymphatic drainage plus an assortment of tutorials on how to massage your face for the best results. They have been a part of Chinese beauty routines since the 7th century, so clearly there must be something good going on!

Much like regular massage helps your body heal and rid itself of toxins, facial rollers (most commonly made of rose quartz or jade) do the same for your skin. Regularly using a roller can help lymphatic drainage, help blood circulation, and when used cold, they can help reduce puffiness and under eye bags. Over time this can help reduce inflammation as well.

If you want to add facial rolling into your routine, start doing so in the evening as a way to relax and unwind before bed. Cleanse and tone your skin thoroughly and apply any resurfacing treatments you may have (salicylic acids, glycolic acids, etc). If you use a facial oil, you can dab the products evenly on your complexion and use the roller itself to massage it in. This allows more product to penetrate the skin rather absorb into your hands! This can be done for up to 10 minutes to thoroughly massage the product in as well as stimulate the skin. Follow with your favorite nighttime moisturizer and voila! Want to make your morning routine just as special? Store the roller in the refrigerator overnight and use the chilled stone to de-puff your under eyes in the AM!

Follow the diagram for best results. Think of the rolling motions as not only massage, but flushing toxins up and out of the skin! Remember, your skincare routine shouldn’t stop before you get to your neck. Your products should be applied to your neck and chest as well as the rolling technique.

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