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February 3, 2023

After Facial Do’s & Dont’s


  1. Skip Heavy Makeup and Skincare Products

This mostly applies right after your service, not the following day! Sometimes, you can leave a facial with redness from exfoliation and extractions. Resist the urge to grab that full coverage concealer or foundation – that redness will dissipate and your skin will thank you for not covering it up post-procedure. Give your skin a chance to breathe after a deep cleanse!

  1. Avoid Picking Your Skin

Okay, now this one really does apply all the time, but your skin is especially vulnerable right after a facial. Your esthetician will extract everything that’s ready in the service so if you find yourself trying to squeeze every blackhead or spot, you risk scarring and spreading bacteria.

  1. Skip the Toner

Don’t use a toner for a day or two after your facial. This is especially true if it contains alcohol or any exfoliating chemicals. Your skin’s PH and moisture levels are balanced after a facial, and adding an additional toner may conflict with this and cause irritation.

  1. Resist the Sauna

Lots of spas (Like us here at Sanctuary!) offer saunas and steam rooms. Although they are a wonderful treatment, we only suggest using one before your facial rather than after. Not only do you risk sweating off all the important products your esthi just applied, but overheating your skin post facial can cause broken capillaries and irritation.

  1. Massage After Facial

Again, most people like to utilize a full service spa and come for a full day of relaxation. That being said, always plan to start your treatments with a massage first and a facial second. Not only do some massage therapists perform facial massage which could conflict with the products and procedures from the facial, but laying on your face for an hour after seeing an esthetician can cause sensitivity and redness.

  1. Reschedule that Workout

If you weren’t able to get your workout in before your facial, wait until at least a day after. Unless it is going to be a gentle session like light yoga or a walk, try and avoid anything that will increase your heart rate and make you sweat. After a deep cleanse and exfoliation, any increased heat in the skin can cause irritation so refrain from any major physical activity post-facial.

  1. Don’t Over Exfoliate

Your esthi most likely did a deep and thorough exfoliation, so for the next few days after your visit don’t do any more. Over exfoliating can break down your skin’s protective layer and can lead to inflammation and worsened skin problems.

  1. Stay Out of the Sun

Because your skin is newly exfoliated and cleansed, avoiding direct sunlight is very important so that you can avoid increased sensitivity and the risk of hyperpigmentation. If you plan on spending time outdoors use a high SPF (an absolute MUST!), wear a large brimmed hat, and find your biggest sunglasses. We all love catching some rays, but it’s always best to do so with precaution!


When in doubt, ask your skincare professional! After every service here at Sanctuary Spa, our estheticians will guide you in the right direction as far as home care and how to maintain the results of your facial. They can let you know what products to use, which to avoid, and how to treat your complexion at home. 

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