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February 3, 2023

Whether you are a waxing aficionado, or it’s your first time – here are some important reminders and details to keep in mind the next time you book a bikini or Brazilian wax!

First, let’s clear the air about the differences between a bikini wax, an extended bikini, and a full Brazilian.

Classic Bikini Wax & Extended Bikini Wax

  1. Classic: A classic bikini wax will remove  about 1-2 inches on the side and an inch on the top. This is the area where hair may peak through your bikini or underwear. Simple and to the point.
  2. Extended: An extended bikini wax is based off of your preference. This waxing focuses on the same areas as a classic bikini, but can be customized to remove a bit more hair from those areas, while still leaving hair on the inner lips of the vagina.


Surprisingly enough, it’s actually much simpler to explain a Brazilian. It all goes! This waxing service is designed to take it all off: bikini line, frontal area, the inner lips, and yes, even between the buttcheeks. Feel free to talk to your esthetician about leaving any patches in the front if that’s more your style.

Before Your Appointment:

  1. Shave two weeks prior. The hair length should be no longer than ¼in (think a grain of rice). This helps you get a smoother and less painful wax.
  2. Shower and gently exfoliate the areas to be waxed before coming in. Exfoliating helps reduce the risk of ingrown hairs.
  3. Take an over the counter pain reducer (ibuprofen, aspirin)  about an hour before your appointment. If you are relatively sensitive to pain, this can help alleviate that – especially for first timers!
  4. Avoid coffee and alcohol the day of your appointment. Okay, okay, I know…that’s a tall request! But alcohol and stimulants like caffeine can make your skin more sensitive and prone to damage during a wax.
  5. Don’t plan a wax if you intend on being in the sand, sun, or pool within the next 12-24 hours. While you’re at it, don’t plan an intimate night in either. You don’t want to expose the freshly waxed area to any excessive friction – trust us.
  6. Lastly, don’t book your wax too close to your monthly cycle. Hormone changes can make your skin more prone to sensitivity. The week following your menstrual cycle is best.

One of the most important things to remember is that your esthetician is a professional and they are here to make sure you feel comfortable during every step! This is a judgement free atmosphere and we always promote a body-positive outlook. Don’t be afraid to ask questions; your comfort and privacy are priority!
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