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February 3, 2023

Happy New Year! The holiday hustle is over, and all that remains are a few extra pounds and some resolutions to make 2019 the Best. Year. Ever. Right?! Right! But just as important as it is to take care of your body in the best way possible, it’s also important to take care of your skin.


•The skin is the largest organ of the body. It’s the one organ not protected inside of you, so it needs a little extra love to stay healthy.

•Neglecting proper care of your skin can start a domino effect of other health issues that can be lethal (*cough* skin cancer *cough*).

•It’s going to represent you for a VERY long time!

The truth is, you don’t have to indulge in a 20-minute skincare regimen in order take amazing care of that gorgeous shell of yours. In fact, if you’re a skincare junkie like us, this article will probably just be a review for you. For the rest of you, read on to see our 5 Skin Care Resolutions to start this year and keep your skin healthy, glowing, and bright!

And if you’re a total newbie, just start with one and add more as they become habits. One is better than none!



1.  Cleanse twice a day.  

Many people don’t realize the benefit of washing their face both morning and night. While washing it once a day is good, washing twice does make a difference. The importance of washing before bed is obvious; it’s essential to cleanse the skin of makeup, oils, and all the things your skin comes into contact with that clog pores and cause damage (smog, free radicals, pollutants, dirt, etc.). But it’s also important to wash your face in the morning to cleanse your skin of the oil it secretes while you sleep. Your skin works hard to turn over dead cells while you’re asleep, and the result is excess oil left on the skin the morning.

2.   Moisturize every morning. 

Moisturizing your skin is heavily important. It supports the protective barrier on your skin, keeping it strong and healthy. But many people with oily skin think they shouldn’t wear moisturizer. The truth is, those of you with oily skin shouldn’t wear just any moisturizer, but you do still need it. The goal of every single skin type, whether dry or oily, is to balance the oil and water content in the skin. So, if you have really oily skin, you need a moisturizer that helps control the oil while adding water hydration. One of our favorite moisturizers for oily skin is the Pure Balance Cream from Guinot. It has a mattifying effect to reduce shine and helps regulate oil production, but it still keeps your skin’s protective barrier nice and strong!

3.   Never wear makeup to bed.

Did you know that wearing makeup to bed can age your skin 7x faster? Think about it. Even without makeup, it’s important to wash your face at night in order to get rid of oil, bacteria, dirt, smog, free radicals, and the like. Now add makeup. It already adds a layer on top of your skin, preventing it from breathing. But now, you have all those aforementioned things breeding and brewing in a thick layer of gunk. You’re simply asking for pimples, wrinkles, and skin damage. 

4.   Exfoliate 2-4x per week.

Exfoliation is one of the easiest, cheapest ways to keep your skin in its prime. It is simply the act of removing the layer of dead skin cells, oil, and bacteria sitting on your face. Not only does this help your skin look younger longer and reduce breakouts, but all your skincare products will work much better, too, now that they are reaching healthy and receptive skin, instead of sitting on dead skin.

5.   Always wear sunscreen.

Perhaps the single most important resolution to choose is to always wear sunscreen. It goes without saying, but sunscreen is this organ’s biggest defense. Believe it or not, 80% of the damage done to your skin is from the sun. That means that by taking an extra 5 seconds in the morning to apply sunscreen will increase your chances of healthy skin by 80%. There’s simply no reason to skip it!

Happy 2019 and cheers to your Best. Skin. Ever!!! 
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